Bear Beer Premium Lager 5%

Bear Beer Premium Lager 5%

A lager style beer of premium quality. Bear Beer 5% has a slight yellow-golden colour, is smooth and mild in taste with a light aroma of hops in the finish. The beer is well-balanced in aroma and bitterness. Brewed with the finest selection of ingredients and a pure fermentation is the success of this international renowned brand.

  • Alc/Vol: 5%

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Brand Bear Beer
Product type Lager
Nordics  Baltics  Europe  Asia & Oceania  Africa  Middle East  Americas 
Finland  Latvia  Lithuania  Germany  Ukraine  Romania  Bulgaria  China  Hong Kong  Taiwan  Japan  Korea  Vietnam  Mongolia  Benin  Central Africa  Dijibouti  Equatorial Guniea  Ghana  Ivory Coast  Liberia  Mali  Reunion  Senegal  Togo  Uganda  Jordan  Lebanon  Syria  Oman  Israel  Argentina  Brazil  Chile  Colombia  Peru 

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