Bear Beer Wheat 5%

Bear Beer Wheat 5%

A typical Bavarian "Weissbier" style wheat beer. Bear Beer Wheat 5% is brewed with more than 50% wheatmalt, barleymalt and caramel malt. This unique malt composition and a special top-fermenting yeast creates a fruity and spicy, clove-like aroma. Very nice, smooth feeling to the mouth with a silky hops aroma. This beer is unfiltered, thus containing all natural ingredients. The natural turbidity consists of proteins and yeast and is a quality requirement.

Rewarded with a gold medal in 2011 - a very good recommendation!

  • Alc/Vol: 5%

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Brand Bear Beer
Product type Wheat
Baltics  Europe  Asia & Oceania  Africa  Middle East  Americas 
Lithuania  Germany  Italy  Czech Republic  Ukraine  Romania  Bulgaria  China  Hong Kong  Taiwan  Japan  Vietnam  Central Africa  Israel  Argentina  Brazil  Chile 

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