On the way to a new momentum

Harboe’s overall brewery sector produces and sells a wide range of drinks and malt extract products in more than 90 markets worldwide. The prod­uct portfolio is designed to meet the demand and market potential of the individual markets and is based on three strategic business units: Harboe Nordic, Harboe International and Harboe Ingredients.

Maintaining market share in Harboe Nordic

Harboe Nordic, which is the group’s historical core business, markets a wide range of beers, soft drinks, energy drinks and non-alcoholic malt beverages in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Baltic States, Germany as well as the Danish-German border area. Harboe’s strategy is to focus on maintaining a high volume and protecting its well-established position in these markets by providing customers with a high level of quality, flexibility and reliable deliveries and an attractive product range in tune with the times.

Increasing momentum in Harboe International

Harboe International markets beers, soft drinks, energy drinks and non-al­coholic malt beverages in more than 70 markets in the Middle East, Africa, South East Asia/Oceania and the Americas as well as in a number of Euro­pean markets outside Northern Europe. Harboe’s strategy is to increase Harboe International’s relative share of the group’s revenue and EBITDA through a focused strengthening of its position in international markets where economic and demographic developments support increasing pur­chasing power and a demand for quality products.

New business opportunities in Harboe Ingredients

Harboe Ingredients is the framework for Harboe’s sales and development activities within malt-based food ingredients. The main activity is the tradi­tional malt extract, which is marketed to customers in the European food industry. However, development activities in recent years have identified more potential uses – in respect of both the group’s own drinks products and customers in the food and drinks industry. This has created new op­portunities for the strategic expansion of the business – both geographi­cally and industrially. Harboe’s strategy is a targeted pursuit of these op­portunities with a view to creating attractive growth and further strengthening the group’s earnings basis