Sustainability is a central element in Harboe’s strategy for the group’s continued growth and development. The effi­cient utilisation of resources and positive relations to the company’s stakeholders are essential to Harboe’s future value creation. Harboe’s CSR activities are aligned with its business priorities based on value optimisation and risk mitigation.

The group has decided to focus on the following four focus areas within business-driven corporate social responsibili­ty: climate and environment, employees and occupational health and safety, quality and health, and community re­lations.

Harboe seeks to constantly optimise developments within the four focus areas and each year defines its expectations for next year’s efforts in the consolidated annual report.

Climate and environment

Harboe’s objective is to minimise the resources used in the production process as much as possible relative to the overall production volume, thereby reducing the environ­mental impact of its activities.

Harboe seeks to optimise its production facilities at all ti­mes to ensure an up-to-date, efficient and flexible produc­tion process. All investments in new production techno­logy, optimisations of existing production facilities and all product and packaging development take into account resource use and general environmental impact.

The implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning system in all the group‘s production units will contribute to structured control and monitoring of the group’s pro­duction processes and will form the basis of specific obje­ctives and reporting with a view to further optimisation.

All the group’s units must be certified according to rele­vant international quality and environmental standards.

Employees and occupational health and safety

Harboe wants to be an attractive workplace that is able to attract, retain and develop the talents necessary to ensure the group’s continued development.

Harboe’s employees are offered competitive pay and employment conditions in accordance with applicable collective agreements, good practice and relevant interna­tional standards. Furthermore, the employees are offered regular training to ensure the continued upgrading of skills and qualifications.

Harboe supports the health and well-being of its emplo­yees through targeted offers based on an active staff policy.

Harboe wants to provide a safe working environment that seeks to prevent absence due to illness and injury. All the group’s units must be certified under occupational health and safety standards.

Quality and health

As an international drinks manufacturer and supplier to food companies worldwide, product quality and safety are paramount. Harboe wants to meet the highest food safety standards by ensuring a high and uniform quality throughout the entire value chain – from raw material to the finished product.